April 28, 2013

The Parasite

“Don’t get me started.”

Could David have a parasite, even though he’s never been anywhere?

“That bad?” Cara, hilariously pregnant, assumed an expression of professional concern.

“There’s me and there’s my stomach,” I said. “Two people. We’re at war.”

Cara had just gotten back from the little girl’s room. Her third trip. She blamed it on her pregnancy at first, but I knew better. Why else did she eat rice for lunch?

“Five years ago,” Cara began, “five years ago, I went to Thailand. I caught something, because then I got stomach problems, really bad. I was just never right after that trip.”

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April 4, 2013

The Kind of Party That Should Always Happen on Tuesdays

A remarkable Tuesday night for David.

The woman wearing the muscle shirt inscribed with a metal band’s logo was telling me her Hurricane Sandy story. The dinner party had just started. “We heard a pop, and the outside wall came off the building by five inches.”

“It didn’t fall to the street?”

“No, but we could see outside. The building was a reno job by a bunch of shady Israelis.” Continue reading