August 14, 2014

The Trouble with Beautiful Women

I often send emails to women who are out of my league. They are beautiful, much younger, full of hope, and they yearn to love the right man. The right man might be a

David admits that sometimes beautiful women can be too beautiful

brave carpenter. Or a successful go-getter who cries at the sight of a just-opened flower. I write these beautiful young women even while knowing they’ll likely never write back. And therein lies my liberation, Grasshopper. I can write them whatever I want. I can write them uninhibited emails that expose my panicked desires. But then last week, one of these beautiful, young women I find on online dating sites answered me. Even among those unobtainables she stood out. Ringleted, brassy hair tumbling down the clearest of skin; almond eyes; heart-shaped lips. Textbook beauty. She even had a flaw: a gap between her front teeth.

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