May 1, 2014

She Loved Dogs (part three)

The next morning, as Nancy got ready to leave for work, she put into David’s hand a small tear-shaped device, plastic, possibly a remote.She loved her dog. As long as he behaved.

“What’s this?” asked David.

Nancy smiled in the bright way that David had come to find repellent. “So, David. If he starts going crazy again, which I don’t he think he will, you just press that button.” She saw his confusion. “The big one.”

“I don’t get it.” The button looked ordinary: gray, oblong, denoting the harmless functionality of opening a garage door or pausing a DVD.

Nancy laughed. “God, what a city boy! It’ll zap him.”

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April 10, 2014
She Loved Dogs (part two)
David waved as Nancy's car backed out. He worriedly heavy-stepped back to the porch and tried not to look at Swat, whimpering and pawing the grate. "Sorry, Swat," said David, feeling saintly, and now
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February 25, 2014
She Loved Dogs (part one)
She said that she loved animals, she loved dogs. She talked about her dog all the time. A big sootish one with a giant mouth and loud, deep barks. He was the kind of dog you walked away from, your
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